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Big Brother Blue Background Custom Camera & Photo Album Set, #PK507

Big Brother Blue Custom Disposable Camera and Photo Album Set
Retail Price: $19.99
Price: $14.75
Item #: PK507
In Stock

Big Brother Gift! Cute drawings on a blue background to make any big brother feel special. His own camera and matching photo album. Built-in Flash, 24 exposure FUJI high speed 35MM color film, and photo album to match! Personalize to make extra special!

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Make Big Brother feel extra, extra special by personalizing this gift with his first name. We can personalize the set by putting the Big Brother's name on the camera and the photo album.

What a great way to make the big brother feel extra special.

  • Camera - Camera has built-in flash, 24 exposure FUJI high speed 35MM color film, and is decorated with Big Brother artwork.

  • Photo Album - Photo Album holds 24, 4x6 photos. Big Brother artwork is on the front and back covers.

Parents, you may wish to show young children how to use the camera, especially to initiate the flash for indoor shots.

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