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Docu-Cam 24 exp - Accident/Incident Camera Kit - Item #99415

Docu-Cam 27 exp - Accident Camera Kit
Retail Price: $14.99
Price: $7.59
Item #: 99415
In Stock

Docu-Cam 24 exposure accident kit. Disposable (single use) cameras with flash, 24 exposure FUJI high speed 35MM color film. With flash and battery - ready to use. Includes reporting form & pencil.

5 to 29$7.59
30 to 99$7.54
100 to 199$7.46
200 to 399$7.42
400 to 749$7.36
750 or more$7.29

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Add Film Developing

Fresh Film, at least 2 years before expiration date.

Film Developing is unique and intended for the Transportation Industry. Before ordering, be sure to check out the details.

Protect yourself and your fleet. No truer words were ever spoken than "A picture is worth a thousand words."

The camera is wrapped with a full cover, front, back and bottom. The kit includes a 24 exposure camera with Fuji high speed 35mm color film, flash and battery - ready to use - and an accident reporting form and golf pencil in the package -- everything needed when an accident occurs. This is a generic camera and cannot be personalized.

View Accident Reporting Form, Incident Reporting Forms also available, add a comment in the customer notes during checkout(same as the Accident Form, except all instances of "accident" are replaced with "incident")

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